All I know is I wanna cop some LooLoo 7s ASAP

I just binge watched the philosophy playlist and I can’t stop thinking now


Everybody is my country is at least bilingual, lots trilingual and some know more languages!

Listening to this while i take calls for work usually is funny when someone is calling and crying about their situation and the music just goes right with the moment haha beautiful making every moment enjoyable.

Thank you so much for uploading this talk. I could not stop crying during the whole video, because never has someone put into words the pain I’ve felt.

I’m in the minority here, but it’s already too late to save the earth. So, the point for most people is to exploit as much for YOURSELF, since if not you, it’ll be someone else. Besides, by the time earth is fcked, you would be too dead to care, meaning it’s not your problem.

@Doctor Turdmidget lol i was thinking the same thing. How do you not hear a fucking train is coming? All 6 workers are idiots, so you have the chance to rid the world of 1 or 5 idiots. I think we would all agree that having less idiots in the world is a good thing.

Hi Liz, I changed the second part of example with two words synonymous :


Yes it’s fair.

Again, thank you very much for your videos, AWESOME.

“Maybe this is because women just don’t like science as much as men. If you’re operating on that assumption there’s little I can tell you save to suggest that maybe your assumptions are following from cultural norms so invisible, they seem like insights about gender.” Nope. Steven Pinker stated the former years ago, citing research from sexual psychology which, incidentally, he noted was the most female-dominated field of science he had ever witnessed.

Distributives examples are quantifiers according to my textbook. Personally, not trusting this source.


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