Please can you make a video about the Frisian language? Please, please, please!!!


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@stainedglassfx Its a matter of interest, understanding and education. First we need to educate people to understand the dangers of all these things you’ve mentioned to find a common solution. There is a lot of people in our world who dont know the danger and how serious the hunger in our world is. Until we gets established our world so that everyone gets a decent education i can’t see how the world should be able to fight common conflicts.(I do not say i am right, this is my theory).

Do you has any video about writing an essays on Toefl for admissions on humanities areas?

Please respond, and help me out in understanding this sentence.

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First, the mistake of interpreting numbers too superficially… In the United States, nobody makes less than 1 dollar a day, yet 14% of the population are food insecure. Food insecurity should be defined as extreme poverty. In other words, making less than 1 dollar a day means nothing if you do not know where someone lives. Second… use of agricultural machines and irrigation in Africa. Africa should learn from the rest of the world and not let its population grow because of higher food production. Because of irrigation, the rest of the world is running out of water. Without water for irrigation, we will never reach 11 billion. We will start starving to death much sooner.

This is ore or less nonsense, we are not one family we are enemies, if we were treating each otrher as family we would just overpopulate earth and turn it into hell for everyone.

Your vid helped me in my exam thx u so much

Why Socrates… why not jesus… this is pseudo philosophy… learn philosophy in major regions like Islam Christianity Hinduism etc…. problem is you don’t believe in religions. .. after accepting the fact that there is God

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Very good



May YAH come and help these poor people from this hell hole call India after America Satan next residence is india

I just saved you 60 minutes of life

Even the URL learned something. It says O-Ic.

That’s all fine and well, except that would require immediate familial incest–last I checked, genetic coding did not hold up well under mother-son or father-daughter sexual relations…So from 2 people to 7 billion would require several generations of inbreeding. As it stands so far, I believe Dewkeeper’s reply was the best one. Thank you all.

School of Life I love your videos, please do a piece on Zen. Please.

‘Deplorable’ speak


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