Thanks but sir elementary mathematics

My teacher wants me to write a “Florida Journal” style summary about one of the event i went to…what is “Florida Journal” style tho’? Or it is just a normal way to write a journal?

Great liz gbu


Thank you Mrs Emma

The tone in the video of ‘oh my goodness, if they take all our jobs we’re screwed!’ is an interesting one. Quite understandable, but it seems to beg a pretty obvious question: people need jobs to get money to get the necessities of life (food, shelter, clothing, sanitation, doctors,) and perhaps a few non-necessary things too… If we don’t have money to get these things, we will (an increasing sector of the population will,) become increasingly dissatisfied. And Dissatisfied people demand change. Governments will not want to change for as long as possible, because the status quo benefits wealthy companies, and governments are often deeply in the pockets of the wealthy companies. But there are some decent people in positions of authority (not many, but a few,) and these people will be able to get the winds of change moving. Eventually of course, politicians, good or bad, will have to change the system if they want to keep their own jobs. This movement will of course be hastened by the fact that robots take people’s jobs so a company can make it’s goods and services cheaply. But they still have to sell them! And if there’re less people to sell them to (because the people are out of work and don’t have cash to spend)… you can see where I’m going: at the moment most businesses are so short sighted they can’t see that future, or if they can, they don’t care. ‘We’ll deal with that when the time comes.’ But as that future looms larger, it’ll be in their own best interests to change the system too.


Maniac magee it think its called? And lord of the flies.

Really awesome talk.. absolutely motivating..!! 😀 (y)

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Very well said, My point exactly. We don’t need to learn things only used in everyday life… But learning as much as we can itself is the ultimate goal.

BvS sucks, but Watchman is amazing, faithful to the comic and explores the philosofical repercussions of the story well.

Dammit kaptain, shit was good

A book you prabobly didn’t read is transall saga by the way I didn’t watch vid yet

These books warrant high consideration due to their epic nature and/or degree of influential literary innovation.

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So its increasing marginal opportunity cost

What The Fuck?!

Lmao this dude tryna say that young thug is “evolving the language”, well if that’s so ig we all gon be retarded bc that’s just mumbling 😂

This is absolutely brilliant! All teachers and students need to see this!

Paraphrasing is helpful when writing my assignments. The briefing is very informative.

Just got here first


That old fart speaks like he is having a brain aneurysm..



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