Very good enlightenment show. Swamiji is one of the genius in Indian.

What about drawing a graph

Please publish some videos on…

Whats up mr. lamb

I’ll walk myself out.

New words are controversial because they are going against how the process has affected us in learning them.

I’m an american 13 year old trying to learn Russian in a Slovic school so I’m lucky I have a lot of the nessisary resources to learn with but idk if my dyslexia will get in the way and slow me down oh well time to try and fine out


Irans flag is Arabic, irans official language is Persian, irans majorities mother tongue is Turkish!!!

Do anyone know ‘Microsoft Urban Assault’ here? Its both a RTS & FPS game.

Pakistan :))

Its amazing and mind blowing that Edward Said actually predicted and pointed to so many facets of the demonization… which we now see in reality. all over the middle east and India and Indonesia. Amazing Book.

I’d prefer a hooker at my desk. Would you spend a part of your annual bonus for that?

Wait that’s the reading rainbow guy Right?!?

Wow thank you so so much! So useful, I find it so kind of you that you find time to help other people ❤️ so nervous about my exams but your videos have helped me so much!! Thank you so much Jade ❤️

Try this:- https://youtu. be/aiFQhTqVh4E

Gld 2 hr tht. Ill jst lt tha stndrds gde me. If no1 gts invlvd wht gdes tha stndrds??

The universe versus Alex Woods

Love love love you! It’s amazing to see such an inspirational, wise, lovely person at the age of 17! Always support you. Also, A levels are so so stressful at the moment… especially biology and chemistry xx

English, French, Arabic, Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C, and C++

This is so stupid


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