1 mosadegh was from national party not the Communist party.

We’re better for Noam.

Originally the queer core was basically LGBT, but many categories have been identified and added since.

And when called out on it they tried attempted to play it off. Not to mention that those the Kick-Started their other game (Planetary Annihilation) they go TITANS for free those that paid for it on Steam in Early Access had to pay for it again, which just increased the number of people pissed at them since TITANS was NEVER mentioned AT ALL.

Woah the amount of editing of this video is insane

OK there was more

25:00 actual beginning of managerial economics

Agree. Hierarchy sometime slowing down the work. Put person as on their expertise with their managerial skill will take it into fast and great result, just like in startup organization. Fachim – CEO of Aman Technology

Sad but truth

You may think that you’re a creative, unique snowflake. Actually, you’re not. ROASTED

The economic fallout is something to consider. If 45% of the working age population is unemployed. Then most products won’t be purchased. The tipping point is something to consider. Customers need jobs to be able to afford goods and services. Without those customers automation will become a moot point.companies and governments would have to introduce automation at a pace equal to the decreasing population plus development of new jobs. If not then a universal basic income would have to be used. Although a stagnant population is not a good thing and could be viewed as a threat. If they push for WWIII you know they have no plan besides just the quickly depopulating the planet of people who can no longer be of use to and pose a threat to those in power.

I am literally all of these

So each supplier starts producing less (or supplying less) to avoid surplus supply (waste) and distributes in regular patterns of small bursts of supply.

The auto play feature on youtube mobile always feels the need to rick roll me

The guy who starts at 1:05:51 kills me. I want his name. I want his address. I want to help him so much! How do I find out how I can do that?

Does anyone know what level of economics this is? is it IGCSE level or A levels? (grade 9&10, or grade 11&12?)

Beethoven is truly one of the most brilliant composers of all time, The person playing his music in this video, must be having the time of his life, amazing talent.

In my opinion there´s a huge difference between the 2 choices:


They become part of people’s ‘Reality Principle’.

What the fucks that???!


Is this guys last name have something in commin in inklewiter?

Selfhood coincides with empathy. Does this means that a psychopath has no selfhood?


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