But of course it’s not just his talk. It’s very clear that he actually does not understand a lot of what he’s asked. Then of course he’s famous for his science denial and not even knowing the most basic scientific theories. Like when he talked about using hairspray in his “closed” room and how it couldn’t possibly affect the ozone layer without realising, that obviously his room isn’t actually hermitically sealed and second of all gases stay in the air. Gases don’t just magically disappear.

Thank Mr. Clifford this was the best thing to watch before my final! 🙂

“Is that a straight white male?”

Sir mla tumch nav mahit nahi plz sanga,,,plz plz

Jade remember when we dated u clever beast

YES!!! I’m an SI Leader for microeconomics at Kent State, and these videos will be SO HELPFUL!!!

When it goes to the voice that comes out of the chest, it reminds me a little of the voice of the Francis Underwood!

EVERYTHING is beige even the thing that have colour looks like someone sucked the life out of them

This guy is awesome!! More of these please

Mr clifford, can you go past this too? i love your stuff and no one is as good as you… it makes me sad

Hypnotical and such energetic talk! Robbins’ style :o)


Much better Carlos Maza video, I appreciate this one much more.

Would love you to do Brave New World. I might be able to show that to my seniors and still keep my job. 🙂

So why hide it?!

Where are your sources?

People who refuse murder in any circs [also] are standing up for civilised values. Unfortunately civilised values may not withstand barbaric ones…9/11? Isis?

Read Limit to Growth by Club of Rome.


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