I havw to do this t ommorow for a mock exam

Work from the Comfort of your Home…

It’s easy to think that you’re an exception to these rules but you’re not. I’m not either

Anyway, you’re videos are very helpful. Thank you.

Should I use all of them or only once at a time?

This series may prove very beneficial for my microeconomics course! I found this video particularly useful at the moment, as we’re currently discussing supply & demand. Thanks, Crash Course!

I’m taking a Economics of the EU class and this helps me with some questions I have been having. Thanks Crash Course.

This is a great video. Correlation does not imply causation which requires linking facts with transformation rules as discovered in historical linguistics. A common misconception is that language is tied to people so a language change requires the extermination of the old by the new invaders. Recent evidence shows that instead language changes in the direction of the language with the higher prestige. In the case of Indo-European that meant adopting the language of a raiding culture. Either the raiders become a ruling class or a settled population will invite in a chief to rule and protect them. The later situation raises the prestige of the ruling class’ language. The native and ruling class languages then merge to various degrees.


Movie at 4:34 ?

No infinite jest?

OMG! You helped me soooo much!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜‹

9. Warlords Battlecry 3

This is so amazing, I feel like this could be said about a lot of subjects. In my class my hispanic teacher gets offended when people say “nigga” or “ni-hard r” and so he trys to ban it from class but everyone is like your Mexican why do you care, what does it matter to you? And his answer was everyone should have respect for everyone. I don’t want hate in my class even though it’s derived from a simple six letter word that may not be used how it was originally ment but the history is still there.

5:12 sounds like chocolate cake

9. Jane Eyre

I am Bengali..we are free to think

Actually it from the romantic period.

What about cursive?

Well, total war games are not RTS.

Sauron is the dark wizard in the book, maybe itΒ΄s not explicit in the Hobbit, but it becomes explicit when Gandalf tells the story to Frodo in the beginning of Fellowship. Far from me trying to defend those movies, but Sauron is there in the book too.

I tried to study but now am getting sleep…ready for a nap.


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