When a song be a meme

Este juego me dejo mas loca, que cuando me enseñaron a dividir con coma. SIN PALABRAS._____.

Y not he very cute and beautiful

Congratulation Madam……your class was very important and basic for interpretation and understanding essay’s key sentence

I thought that was the Old Spice guy

-BrooklynRagtag, 2011

This video is fundamentally wrong, we prospered in the 90’s not because of bill clinton but because of bill gates!

There’s no empathy in this world if there’s foie gras being eaten everywhere in the world..

This game is great Tango! Really like it!

Probably the best vsauce episode ever made.

A small percentage of our society are scientists, and we don’t need billions of people to advance in science, 20 million people can accomplish even more, if their mission is science, we should reduce population to improve the quality of life on this planet, this will improve the quality of education and therefore scientific achievements and advancements even more, quality of foods, stopping polluting the earth, with tons of trash being dumped into the earth, air and oceans, to reduce global warming, to save animals from going to destruction of spices, to reduce traffic, congestion, increase wages, reduce waiting lines in hospitals, better services, stop too much sewers entering oceans, and stop growing, growing means destruction of earth, to keep earth un-touched and beautiful, preserve the beautiful parts of this earth, stopping using nuclear energy, and to restore the destroyed parts of the earth like many jungles that have disappeared, did you know that so many jungles and many other things have been destroyed?

Dude your bloody amazing! I wish I had discovered you earlier >.> Microecon exam in 5 hours lol wish me luck.

Eminem read the dictionary, the fuck did you expect?

Anyway, popcornography came along and people liked to watch how fast and deep a guy could thrust his… mozzarella stick into a girl’s… donut… center… and… umm… why tf do I know these things…?

Teaching is very simple and understandable

This video is not correct there are lot of mistakes in east european languages…

Writing for an essay about climate change, global warming and sustainability in the UAE that’s due in 2 days. I haven’t had any sleep whatsoever and there is about 5 cans of red bull on the floor next to me. fun.

“You are you’re own best thing, Sethe. You are.”



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