I started having problems at 14 too, and like Stephen, it just looked like “bad behaviour”. I either “misbehaved” completely and caused chaos at school, didn’t do any work, was constantly in trouble, on report, or on the brink of expulsion….or I didn’t turn up at all because I refused to get out of bed, wanted to believe the world didn’t exist, and wouldn’t talk to anyone or go out. I think my parents were appalled because they paid a lot of money for me to go to school but I couldn’t help it. I was hospitalised at 18, then again at 19, and sectioned. It is a truly horrible illness to live with but I believe we gain some semi good things from it, for me, and I can only speak for me, it was heightened compassion, insight, and understanding of suffering and the human condition.

Umm I’m gonna stop you right there bitch and call bs on your credentials.

Who here is starting their journey to be an economist and is SUPER excited for it?! 😀

More than a clique of a few hundred men who possess untold wealth and,

Great video! love this guy

Simulacra and simulation

I have a question about the ppf graph: How come the lines are curved? If the production is 1 plane per 8 shoes, the line really should be straight. What kind of simplifications were made?

Honestly, bless your soul. you’re helping so many students tonight and you helped me during the school year. thank you for all your videos and hard work 😭


Race is a social construct term term that is meant to categorize! Mulatto is one example of a race that has evolved when two persons when different traits met and bred. You are talking about something that has occurred within hundreds of years, the evolution of humans is thousands. Stop polluting the internet with garbage.

7th grade is over. wonder what 8th grade will be after this video :DDD

Do you predict that this will be the chosen one in the exam? thankyou for all of your videos they have really put my mind at rest 🙂

Long sssssss, I’m out

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Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies!

Yeah man i read the synopsis. Sound’s Definitely like the kind of thing i’d get into.

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They’re good on being non political and not biased

Reminds me of an episode is Star Trek nex gen

God knows who the linguist spends time with! “Normal people” don’t have the vocabulary of slow-developing 5 y olds!

Hi Mr. Reich., We met twenty years ago or so in New Orleans. I was Mark Twain–you were yourself. We were both addressing life insurance salesmen. Thanks for all you’ve done to educate America and the World.

Hi sir @Guy E White… I am having a hard time finding for a research problem that will relate to applied linguistics and I am planning to choose translational health, any suggestion?.. Hope I can get a reply from you…

Ohh… my goodness i did it wrong all the time.


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