Brutus was gay, and he took casius dick to agree with im

I can think of perhaps 15-20 also-rans of high merit, but, listed above is what I would deem an A-List.

Glenn Howerton is that you?

WARNING: There’s a mistake in this video at 8:14. He says, “As you decrease the price, what’s going to happen to the demand curve? Well, the demand is going to go up.”

The Electoral College is a Disaster – Donald J Trump on Twitter…πŸ˜“

Thanks for video, it is a lot of help

I’m taking a gap year too, and although it’s not really by choice I have the same kind of mindset as you – we might as well make the most of it before university πŸ™‚




Do these (visuals) exist in poster format?

You forgot Percy Jackson

I liked the how to write a good essay video. I liked the funny introduction. It was very good explained. Now I know it better how to write a good essay. And I also liked the little drawings on the side.

Loved this and the voice went very well together. it makes one take notice and more understanding of what happens when one exercises…well done and thank you….

It’s almost as if people in the comments never heard of exaggerated satire.

What are your favorite books

How can you even dislike this, yall should be ashamed

So nice sir

I know why their respective entries are listed, but I prefer AOE3, RA3, and Empire: Total War over their listed counterparts.

Worth the money!

Also, computers (i. e. Turing machines), and by extension AI, are limited in the types of problems they can solve. Look up the Halting Problem, and problems of Kolmogorov Complexity. Humans are able to solve these but not computers, suggesting perhaps that AI will always lag behind human cognition.

Get yours first. :p

Apparently this guy was indicted to five years in prison for child pornography. Go figure.

Science of linguistics starts with books of Petro Zheji…


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