Actually u have a way greater chance of dying in a car crash because anything can cause them to happen

Waw you make these things so simple 🙂

Anarchy has many different variations and like I said the difference is that it is too vague when you simply say just anarchy. Capitalist Anarchy is much different than collectivist anarchy, which is what Noam mostly advocates.

I can tell Earth is screwed

Omg this is so true

Hey plato can you make the ignorant understand when jesus says he came to bring war not peace it is because when you put an ignorant fuck in front of a MIRROR, he is blind to the wanker he sees…

Gona eres to pro en este juego!


Son unos resultados muy interesantes y las preguntas fueron muy bien pensadas para responder a la problemática planteada.

Amazing video

And also some basic philosophy, and philosophy of science is required because you have to know how to interpret and understand a scientific discipline, publication, article, etc.

I’m now working on my Russian I already speak : dutch, basque, spanish, French, English, German, polish, mandarin(chinese),Indian and turkish


Honestly, if the five workers couldn’t hear a train barreling towards them and had the sense to get out of the way, then I don’t want them procreating.

That why I totally disagree with him that life is a suffering, Life actually is both happiness and suffering, it is not permanent, it depends on your state of mind if you enjoy your daily life, you are happy if you not happy with your daily life, you are in hell. He believes nothing is permanent, which is truth, as the world is changing all the time, nothing stays the same, He invent the idea of Nirvana, a permanent state of peacefulness, but he does not know he is making this more complicated, as nothing is permanent, so any form of detachment and Nirvana is not permanent, Are we and you followers being mislead by his foolishness.

Nice job sirrr…..U really clear all point of each part.


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