Best part at 32:00 minutes.

I love u

This is cancer

That Lazerhawk though.

HitchHikers guild to the Galaxy?

3. Blow Raspberries. “Bbbbbrrlllthhhhh.”

However at least two traces of it remain, which most people ignore. They concern the French words for WHORE and NUN. The nominative case for “whore” and “nun” used to be “pute” and “nonne”. The accusative/dative case used to be ‘putain” and “nonnain”. Nowadays both words for “whore” are in use, but only “nonne” has survived for “nun”.

It looks more real


Check this one out

You are the best Emma. I love you ❤️

Why cant you just learn to pronounce “th” in english? is it really that difficult?

No paradox. System is open. Movement requires energy. Energy is mass. Adding energy is adding mass.

YouTube ad just Rickrolled me.

Found this massively engaging.

>I can hear the feminists already

Great production. Great music. So true.

“Ben‑Yehuda raised his son, Ben-Zion Ben-Yehuda (the first name meaning “son of Zion”), entirely through Hebrew. He refused to let his son be exposed to other languages during childhood. He even once yelled at his wife, after he caught her singing a Russian lullaby to the child. His son Ben-Zion was the first native speaker of modern Hebrew.”

Now, cue the hate mail to me in 3, 2, 1 …


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