I just finished playing Little Inferno on my switch and it was great. so I thought I would watch through Seans

0:08 I fucking bet this was made by the little inferno guys. I did not look at anything but the title screen.

Lov it

To kill a mockingbird should be 1

“Tell me a little about yourself” is not a question. It is actually a trick question. There really is only one right, and correct response when in a interview. “What would you like to know?” This will show the interviewer that you will look for your boss to be specific before just running off and doing something they did not ask you to do. I have hired and fired many. Don’t let this one trip you up. Have a great day, God Bless.

I does NOT sound like anyone in my family of circle of friends. He sounds like a used car salesman, like the con man that he is. He would never be welcome in my circle. “Believe me” and “You can trust me” are phrases that, used as frequently as he uses them, are very clear signals of someone you know you canNOT believe or trust. Trump has repeatedly demonstrated the truth of this. This woman must be a Trump supporter.

This guy should start his own youtube channel

Can I follow the same structure if I am writing a research critique on 5 different research?

Who decides who great writers are?

@t0yo Tits, Sorry i just couldnt resist.

You’re welcome and no longer need to watch this…..because the music will probably put you to sleep.

Can you make video about introduce yourself essay to apply for a job

Please upload prepositions video

You argument against a free organ market has more fallacies than they kidneys that need replaced.

Inspiring, but not everyone survives their “hero’s journey”

Luckily I found help and for now I feel pretty great. I think the search of happiness and meaning is a continuous and endless trip but not in a bad way as Sartre put it though I think it has it sad and painful part, also it has it’s beauty of a journey you have to choose in what to believe, the people you choose to be with and so on. So… to end this large comment (glad if you read this far), my sintesis is “Life doesn’t go anywhere, so enjoy the ride”.

Amazing sir β˜ΊπŸ‘

I love this guy. Haha.

How to Learn English Faster : 7 easy tips to get better at speaking English.23/6/2016

Wow interesting he believed in being in the present moment.

Are your books available now of silver Jubilee offer?


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