Chomsky never defended Holocaust denial, he simply does not believe the State has the right to imprison for an opinion.

Terrible answer. Too long.. not compelling.. This is the most important question of the interview because its normally number one question and most interviewers have made their opinion in 3 minutes.

You clearly haven’t read any of his material so there’s no point in commenting here.

It took her two years to figure that shit out?

“If markets are transparent…” That’s a HUGE if. Industries hate transparency and in many cases spend billions of lobbying dollars fighting against transparency. Corporations aren’t evil because they’re greedy, they’re evil because they don’t want to operate in a fair, free market and instead rig and manipulate the system in their favor through lobbying and holding influence over politicians. So, yes, if the market were transparent, you’d be right, but the markets is NEVER completely transparent.

I’m in love with woman at 14:00

I passed both my macroeconomics and microeconomics by watching your videos, thank you very much, your an amazing teacher!

Coding : Yay!!!

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You make me see things i have never seen or heard of before!! nice vid man!!!!

This has seen me through three years at uni, a masters degree, and now my PhD. Thanks Beethoven

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What did the librarian say to the student?

Thank you for this video

Hi there, I know this is quite an old video but I’m doing the exactly same A Levels that you took and am really struggling as I just don’t have the support of the teachers at my school as the english department isn’t the best at the moment and the majority of our class is retaking the AS exam as well as doing the A2 this year. I was wondering if you could do a walk through of the AS WW1 course, how to answer both question one and two and what types of things to bring in.

…i luv u incredibly much…

Y’all talk way to fast

I was thinking exactly the same thing as I watched this. Any example of humans coming together for a common goal also involves some kind of common enemy. In my opinion, the human drive to create empathetic connections with others goes hand in hand with the drive to exclude somebody else. Without a common villain, there’s no immediate incentive to bonding together. That’s why I can’t imagine the whole human race coming together for any purpose (other than against aliens). Who’s the bad guy?

Why isn’t this funded by the government to lower the price of the game, also Genji GRANT IS A GRAMMAR NAZI AND A BUTT FOR CORRECTING ME

If a person plants an apple tree in his back yard and uses the apples to feed his family was there an increase in GDP? Should the person have to declare the value of the apples as income and pay tax? If I trade my hockey stick for your baseball glove was there and increase in GDP? should I pay tax on the exchange? What if I sold you the hockey stick and you sold me the baseball glove and we both made a capital gain?

Wouldn’t that make the dialog sound very awkward and stiff

Fluir, ação em


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