“Attachment is the root of all suffering” ,,,,

Really good introduction

Lmfao what even is this he sucks

High German means “Oberdeutsch” in German, not “Hochdeutsch”. “Hochdeutsch” is the German term for “standard German” what is taught in school.

Again I am not convinced about why deflation is bad. I rent out my labor in exchange for money. deflation means my labor increases in value. obviously the best thing is completely stable prices.

What more could we want :’)

WARNING: John Green shouts a lot in this video. Plus, his eyebrows are always raised.

I been waiting 🙂

Am I the only one that thought the Biggie impression wasn’t very good?

I’m in my first year at uni now after taking an unplanned gap year, it was the best thing I have ever done, I enjoyed myself so much and felt like I learnt so much about myself. Don’t worry about being older at uni, half of the people in my flat at halls are actually my age and either took a gap year or re took a year of sixth form. Enjoy yourself, your plans sound amazing!

If the people are dying then choosing who to save is not murder but only logic

“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”

This makes me think, why can’t we just live life without working for money to live so whenever you here someone say that, it doesn’t seem like good advice but this can actually save lives instead of being stuck out on the side of the road asking for money just to get high or drunk, or it just means to make a youtube channel, get popular by entertaining other people, and live life on the edge which is how I see it

She is the best guider and she ‘s suggestion is very helpful for us

I love your way of teaching philosophy.

Honestly I never even noticed this and it hasn’t bothered me, just nitpicky really…

Didi pls Indian English bolo. American nhi..

You’re: You Are You’re a person.

High taxes for the rich? or sould the state own it? also say everybody can get what they want, they have alot of freetime. they could do a lot of fun things, or study more, perhaps then you could get a more direct democracy cus everybody has the time to look everything up and make good disicions ( pardon my english please)

Using your own baby’s precious development as an experiment, pathetic..

I have small hand writing with big spaces and curved letters

One thing these neoliberal wackos can’t get over: Is that the U. S. became an economic giant through Protectionism. Not the other way around. I don’t know why people love to get paid, lying for a living. Yuck!


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