I really would recommend buying some suitable extract books. Just take each day as It comes. University is going well but the pressure to read is sometimes quite difficult, so I can relate to what you are feeling now.

18:56 best part of the video

Interior more import rstokb subsequent ally page curve really ceremony sponsor.

I like your voice.

Sir appke video mast hai

Now what

Can i say Learn is the single Necessary element in the Progress of a Nation?

Paul, make a video about why French developed so weirdly and nonsensely in phonology and vocabular, just like English. That would be quite interesting

Ur an idiot because u spend 2 mil on rza record then the kids in uk made the same drug u made for 7 dolars a pill same like the goofs who jah fuked haha good look jah and wayne suing jayz we liuididating u fagots #jerseys ;; np

We go through this everyday not all stories end with a happy ending ive chased a girl and my old self died a wiser more patient person took over the naive impatient person who i once was and found my own answer to love

I think it’s gonna get hard to reply to all these comments as much as you want to haha. Besides that thanks u amazing human being for ur help and keep positive!!! Love ya! :p ( btw congrats on 25k!! we all can’t get enough of u!!)

Nazar nahi sai atha

Mr Clifford you videos are super helpful!!I was never good at them but I understand now!! Well I study Computer Science but we have an economics class!!! Thank you!!

Thank you Professor



Can i plz have a wooden crater smashed planet please?! i’d pay for that! #awesome

Let me give you an example:

Are you making these stupid mistakes in your diet? Go and Google Skinnimaker System to find out.

“Why am I holding up two fingers? That’s not ten.”

Please explain to me how the 4th richest 20% of the population can have more wealth than the 2nd and 3rd richest brackets…

He’s a lying illiterate that constantly vomits word salads of self-serving bullshit. How is that “just like everyone else”?

Nietsche didnt embrace nihilism, he warned us for it.


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