Good rick Ashley love song my friend

No, “economic freedoms” whatever the crap that means do NOT create wealth. Human beings create wealth.

GDP Deflator

All we do is just survive. Surviving’s purpose is not known.

35:10 – whats dialect is this? It sounds really nice… I can recognize some words from portuguese….

Aluminium. That’s all.

Why does he have to speak so fast!! I can’t process what he says. She is great!

Holy shit i read that as intersexuality until you spelled it

Best regards,

Lol the kids should just eat

Who’s with me when I say that now it’s our task to rescue earth?

Southwest Asia are lands where Semitic languages have been spoken since Akkadian overtook Sumerian as the regional common language. It would have been far more accurate to say In


Will the ultimate review package be viable as a pdf after you pay?

Caucasian language family originates in the Caucasus, not the Indo-European one. There are to this day several diverse Caucasian languages in the area, most prominent being Georgian. There is no evidence that they had invaded from elsewhere in recorded history.

His voice just doesn’t soumds how old he looks. He looks about 20 years old and he soimds like he is 40 or 50 something.

I found your comment about “winning in sporting event” interesting. Of course you have the standard notion of the touch-down spike/dance in football, to cite one example; however, it occurs to me from studying psychology, that some people acquire a sense of pleasure/satisfaction when a stand-in accomplishes something noteworthy (i. e. player, team, hero, etc.) Because many people are unable or unwilling to strive for greatness through effort (e. g. figuratively “killing” yourself through strictly regimented activities like diet and/or exercise) they live vicariously through another.


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