PLEEEAAASSSEEE! Do Christianity! It is a myth. Be fearless! PRETEND you have global perspective.

What is the name of this man?

Self improvement masturbation 🙂

Could you please make me understand anyone…?

May you please do a crash course in philosophy? (If you do can you maybe include Rudolph Otto and his mysterum tremendum et facinans, like you’ve mentioned in the fault in our stars and an abundance of katherines.

So… i would have to disagree with him saying: “all languages will converge to one”, which is the English language. That won´t happen because we tend to cultivate culture, instead of erasing it. It´s impossible for me to imagine a world where we all speak the same language, UNLESS, we speak with our minds instead.

However, consent is an important factor of this dilemma. Any two can make an agreement to consent to sacrifice himself. Sacrifice is one of the oldest rituals in human history. It is heroic. It is essentially what civilization is built on, but so is fairplay. The heroism also depends on the situation. The 4 are simply trying to survive until rescue. Their survival will not impact the survival of their society, only or mostly their personal lives. The goal of a society is also to enable individual thriving. But that is tricky here. We don’t want the most aggressive or least conscientious of the 4, who is most comfortable with cannibalism, to be the values that are sanctioned.

There would still be no meaning as an objective property of anything. Meaning is a concept you create in your mind in relation to something else.


You know mr poopy buthole said “IN LIKE A YEAR AND A HALF… or longer” right? sad times

R: O then, dear saint let lips do what hand s do: (e)

Simply put… Freedom is economic freedom for those assholes… the government should be strong enough to protect corporates interests and weak enough not to question consolidation of power by corporates B. S.


The bell jar?!

Nah nah nah its not that deep


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