Fantástico video!!!tanks!!!!

Can someone help me with Malay/Indonesian? I really am struggling with these languages and I need to pass them in my finals. I can help in Chinese if you want 🙂

I need writing company to write my essay. Please recommend.

The left = communist retards

Skinner knew that an ‘innatist’ named Hitler was molded and shaped by his environment. He knew that phylogeny of behavior, as close to innate as he could see, was how we acquire behavior over the lifetime of a species and are born with certain behaviors. He knew that contingencies of reinforcement guarantee what society is or is not. He didn’t invent ‘behaviorist mechanisms’ to manipulate, rather, he learned and showed us what largely controls behavior. Free will is not a behaviorist mechanism.

Alright 1 day left might as well start now

Quite helpful, thank you!

“Live in the present, remember the past, and fear not the future, for it doesn’t exist and never shall. There is only now.”

I came here to see what a Harvard lecture is like because i was wondering and i can surely say it was incredible. I used to think that kind of arguments are boring but now i guess i will continue to watch more of this. Thanks for this video 🙂

How can anyone say good things about that orange bagpipe full of crap? Just because you spout vague hopeful lies does not make you a good speaker.

Sounds like Harry Potter

I have a question for anyone who may be able to help. I’d like to use small portions of a few TED talks (along with some other speeches from other sources) as samples at the beginning of a song. The issue is that I’d be selling the album that this song is on. Do you know if this would break copyright law, or is there a certain length that is acceptable?

I love RTS/Strategy games so much

How is there not Clash of Clans?

Should i focus on themes and ideas in only essay questions or in passage based questions too?

This documentary is very interesting! In Europe there are gypsies/Rom/Dom tribe who are the relatives and cousins of the Dom/Dalit people of Bihar!

Or at least certain correspondences, it becomes impossible to identify clarifying common denominators in sexual coprophilia, cannibalism, paedophilia and homosexuality.

I have to admit, I learned a TON of new things from this video. Thank you Dr. Ivan Joseph.

‘You’re full of shit,’ Steve said. ‘Park! Hey, Park.’


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