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Good teach….now ur also my fav. Teacher

I love this Asian kid with the TOTALITARIAN answer, oh he is a smart one, very good, very good, he is not in the pigeon hole with the rest of the Socialists!!!

Bullshit, when i was a kid it sucked to learn languages, but at my 18s i became fluent in english because i felt like it. I rap in english bitch, measure your words

Yacuubs child lol

Gud one

11:07 VW yes very effecient >;)

Your enthusiasm is very sexy. this has always amazed me, especially how in the long long time ago, two separately different people translated the others language. I would love to read on how that was actually done

They should be teaching ppl to be rational to combat the abundance of irrationality, a defining trait of humans.

Nice belt 😀

Wow, nice peace of propaganda..

We all are like siblings, We fight with each other, but the only difference from our life is that it’s hard to get along

Women are best in teaching! Thank you so much for the video

I’ve never tired of thank you that you publish this music…

e. g. Yo, it’s 1 universal law but 2 sides to every story(A)


Now I can say “Thank you” when someone calls me a “bird-brain”!

Thank you so much! Wish me luck for my essay contest tommorrow.


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