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Nooooo!!! no todos los vídeos están subtitulados??? I am from México and I can’t understand what you say (ven? ni si quiera se hablar inglés!) I love the first vídeo Intro Echonomy and I want a see all the vídeos of Echonomy but I dont speak inglish!!!! subtitulenlos por favor!!!

+Oliver Jack listen to this. It’s very interesting

2:11 – how road men decide who there next girl is… Btw great vid… My exam is next week….huuuuuuuugghhhhhhh

Haha! See you did a little google search for greek automobiles, got the name Namco and run with it, but there is no greek car, its only a proposal in prototype stages – and with really dodgy investors if I might add a personal opinion… FYI…

Most of religious people fit right into existentialism. Most religious people created their own individual version of the religion they chose. There is no clear definition or check list that will make you a 100% christian/muslim/jew etc. It all comes down to individual man made subjective interpretations which by definition is blasphemy actually.. It is quite absurd when you think about it.

-All The Bright Places

A JEW checking up on how his Slaves are doing. the greatest Fear a JEW has, being exposed as a JEW,. Masquerading as a White male just to Exist.

The point that anti-SJWs try to make in regards to this shirt and many other issues is that if you are allowed to criticize a man for his tasteless shirt, then you should also be allowed to criticize a woman for her, let’s say, overly sexy clothing.

Video is veryyyy good but you guys speak too fast!

Dope bars man😆😆😆


Very good

Nietzsche brought me here and I thought I was starting to make progress in my quest to make sense of this thing called ‘life’. However this video took that from me and I am now none the wiser about what it all means. Where does one go to find decent values and norms to live by? I have accepted that, for me, religion is not the answer, yet Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ appears barbaric and too simplistic to explain all human behavior. I am reluctant to just do whatever my basic instincts compel me to, for that would lead to a life of violence and sedition, of which I would like to believe mankind has graduated from. Socrates, Plato, Nietzsche and Sarte, honestly, I wonder whether these men take pleasure in tying up the simple minds of the populous.

Soooooo which region does AVE belong to?


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