Literally started reading the comments instead of writing. Procrastination at it’s finest.

I love how everyone’s bringing up how frodo isnt a human lol so true! love this video, its helping me write my novel!

Woww…. The way you teach…. super cool!

The trolley case is actually very interesting, especially if further moral principles like “you shall not kill” get involved. For example. Didn’t the Joker face The Batman with a similar situation in The Dark Knight? Joker literally put HIMSELF on the other track and made Batman choose: either he kills the Joker or the hostages die. Bats had some difficulties, obviously, due to his no-kill-policy. However, in the end no one died, and that’s where things get interesting. Given options A and B, Batman HAD TO come up with a solution compliant to his no-kill-policy, and thus chose option C. That’s what all of us should do regularly: think outside the box. Be like Batman.

Id fucking shoot the booth of them.

Can you do one on huey freeman?

What fucking drivel. What’s wrong with people who consider this garbage deep? Never mind, I know what’s wrong with them.

I’m not gonna lie, he is going extremely fast. However, if you’re trying to use this video to learn everything for Macro because you slacked off for the entire year or something and you have finals tomorrow, then I doubt you’re gonna be able to get a lot out of this. Personally, I’ve just finished watching the Khan Academy videos for Macro and I’m using this to put all the concepts together in my mind for the AP exam in 2 months. I already understand most of the concepts so this video is actually very useful and is a great summarizer if you’re a bit confused with one concept or another.

I will not distroy home

The video is called HUMAN, but the video is full of Black people

2. A Dance to the Music of Time (1951-1975) by Anthony Powell (The middle portions of A Dance to the Music of Time and the opening of Underworld together form a pretty cohesive portraiture of the differences between 1950s Americana and 1950s England and deal with some view of history from the 1920s to the end of the twentieth century. Overall, they are incredible achievements.)

I think you already have a good Idea to create a Short Series of videos. This could be: How to Write and essay and step by step showing how to write and essay from scratch to end with something that can be marked as good essay, don’t you think so?

Lol it’s that simple :3

Your diagram is probably for tariffs. The triangle on the left represents the producer deadweight loss, and the triangle on the right represents the consumer deadweight loss.

Raandii k bacche bramhan

Dude just doesn’t know how to open his mouth when speaking lmao


Such a good decision Jade! Taking a gap year was the best thing I ever did, you learn so much and such a great opportunity to grown as a person. Im excited for your life lovely! x

Thank you master Armin, do you have any other app to chat, I’d like to talk to you and ask some questions if it’s possible,

Thank you so much, because of you i could write my essay easily

Then what do you say to a hindu you converts to christianity and denies the hindu lord and chooses a profession outside his caste, shouldn’t that throw off their caste position?

It says something when I like Martin Skhreli more than one of the hosts of this show.

If only my professor would stop teaching, get his computer, and play this video instead throughout the entire class period.


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