I’ve watched this video an unhealthy number of times…

I was ready to disprove this speaker on his statement that depressed people are delusional and/or deny the truth, but he disproved himself. Not only the study he mentioned, but others as well show that depressed people are more in touch with reality than ‘normal’ people. I think it’s best we start from this point and move forward. This is one of the great truths that has helped me in my depression: freedom from depression is the choice to focus on that which is good despite the fact that life may be more bad than good.

The girl is so annoying

You are so beautiful 😍

Fullmetal Alchemist… Anyone…..

What does dogmatism mean?

Khud ba khud he “Pee” nikal jaye ga :V

30th anniversaryπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Caste system in india should be complety abolished in one go.. this can only be done through undemocratic means.. as people here are so rigid about caste and all that they have closed there eyes to humanism.. which is much more superior than casteism is.. present govt. if want to develop india of dreams.. than they should bring a law which resists all kind of caste related activities in india.. we all hav one class-caste-and religion i. e ” humanism”


So, what’s the profit for a bottle of water?

Currently listening while writing a crime scene for a class project

That was very helpful, thank you ❀

Many of those who adopted the term “gender” had no idea of its ideological roots.


What kind of English is “he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement,” Trump went on.

I love your analysis. Great job

I studied this “linguist” for a few minutes. She’s working with substandard skills. Her understanding of the patterns of language, how to recognize and analyze them and then how to report her findings effectively to the public is severely lacking OR she’s a propagandist, playing “dumb as a fox.”

Fun fact: ‘shite’ is one way that Scottish people say ‘shit’ and everytime we hear ‘shiite muslims’ we have to try not to snigger.

He speaks fluent asshole

Being Polish…. all 6 of our grammatical cases seem to make sense, but I can’t imagine why Finns need to have almost twice as much. I can’t imagine the purpose πŸ˜‰


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