2:13 wut de actual frick

Erik is incredibly hot <:pˇˇ

10. The Stranger – Albert Camus (opened discussion about immigration)


7) The Catcher in the Rye


Overly self critical and artistic cos of my rounded letters..

Charlemagne is so full of anger and is lacking self awareness. Like dude, why are you attacking this guy who is literally just trying to talk. Even if it was Hitler, wouldn’t you be curious about his principles or vices, how he goes about life, where his mind is at?? You need to relax man. And why was he always trying to pull a race card. As an adult I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I have realized and understood truthfully that in this world, there are people who have self awareness, and people who don’t, and can’t have a calm, reasonable conversation with someone they dislike without throwing low blows or getting defensive about things that have nothing to do with any of the dialogue. Those are the only two types of people in this world, and that man is on the not-so-self-aware side. Just relax, please. Also i’m super stoned and am surprised with how passionate this got me lol. Weed and wax, are God, thank you Quantum Vibration Lords of the Multiverse, this THC has satisfied my cannaboid appetite. Apetits looool. I’m sorry future me for this post.


I’m surprised he never mentioned The Fault In our Stars on this episode

Even though I live I the west I often agree more with the teachings of them than any idiotic teaching of Catholics because their form of religion has become so corrupt and people do not fully understand what Jesus truly wanted. Instead you are pulled into church and taught to obey god and do his every will or else he will not forgive you and send you to hell. Europeans have gotten this so wrong, which makes me so so angry with our society. Jesus wanted peace and forgiveness, not fear and hate. Even the government is run on fear, so are police stations. Europeans think that anyone who defies them is evil but they do not realize that there is no evil in the world, it is only people suffering that commit the most crimes.

When you had it all to start with it is very easy to give it all up.

When any sexual deviance or non-normative orientation is forcibly lumped together with other

The rich should help the poor in stead of exploiting them.

“It sets a dangerous precedent.”

Iii. Don’t write: we have used wiz woz in practice’. Do write: ‘we have build a GUI toolkit in wizwoz, and used it to implement a text editor (section 5). The result is half the length of the java version.’.

Thanks to English Lit, I know everything about Of Mice And Men like the back of my hand, from themes to the significance of a water snake that is only mentioned twice throughout the novel!


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