It can be told in the first two minutes, that this is typical American social justice warrior dominating-through-shaming harassment, just like you see it on Tumblr and with feminists and white knights in general. Not Edward Said, but how he’s used, presented and “interpreted” in this video. The whole video is deliberate manipulation and America-style social engineering. I say that, an “oriental”.


You make it sound like a conspiracy; it’s not. It’s simply the evolution of society. Yes, we are enslaved but if I have to pay taxes to maintain a civilized society so be it. A truly free society is a lawless society (and easily conquerable as well). Here in the U. S. (IMO) we are responsible for most of our enslavement through our massive consumerism and intemperate greed. If you can sacrifice the college debt, the 2,500 square foot home in a good (read expensive) school district, the foreign luxury cars, and the home stuffed full of products made in China, then you can be about as free as I think you’d want to be. You could move to primitive Africa, that strikes me about as free as you can get in today’s world but you are free to periodically starve, free to get AIDS, and free to be conquered by your neighboring village or some warring faction any day. Being enslaved exacts a cost, no doubt, but freedom exacts a cost too. The costs of enslavement are high but somewhat predictable. The costs of freedom may be low but could be dire – someone is always out to enslave you worse.

I just discovered your channel and I think it´s awsome. I have seen the videos on Breaking bad, Louie Ck, Seinfeld, Beatles, LOTR´s music, great job really. Keep on with that!

Marvel’s do different things, like they are dont do the mainstream things

No one wants you to be happy. Others only can judge you. That’s why only we can find our life purpose.

U are amazing

It took her two years to figure that shit out?


Great talk, I would appreciate the interviewer to run a discussion and not just asking questions which have nothing in common to previous words of Chomsky

Haha, that’s an interesting idea. Que pensez-vous Francois? Wat denk je, Henk?

X_gsmcfarlane_x 💖 my insta 😉 great video eve


Everyone is fed and doesn’t need to work because machines do it all for us.


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