Emma, the subject paraphasing in fact is extremely important in an exam, thanks for the easy enphasis on how change the meaning with our own words.


Sir can you solved hole incidents in pratical

This really helped me in AS.

Im 16 – 21 yet im 13 LOL

Sorry i meant who know.

Hi there, this student gained 99% overall for AS. She studied Cambridge A Levels (the international version) in New Zealand. I am unsure how much flexibility students in the UK get with topic choice, but all Cambridge students are free to choose their own topics (within reason). From what I understand, UK students are able to interpret topics individually, even if the starting point is preset. Hope that helps!

The greatest book of all time is ‘The Taxman’ by Brian Cockerill!

What does it mean to survive? To survive means to consume multiple services for the mitigation of one’s survival needs, in exchange of a specialized service one performs, and isn’t at all expansive in that matter.

Enjoy. There are about 15 more courses. Spread the word too.

So the next time you feel annoyed at a t-shirt, take 60 seconds to think about whether in fact you feel annoyed or threated. And if it is the later…ask yourself, what is it that I am in danger of losing?

When you had it all to start with it is very easy to give it all up.

Este acento de cocni ya me encanta bastante. Estoy casi enamorado de usted.


Tried listening to Freddie Mercury Couldn’t do it had to come back to the favourite. 😊

Do The Road or Flowers for Algernon next please!

TOSEEF KHAN – I can send you this PowerPoint which has general structure for each of the four question types, and a sample of a Micro and Macro essay (they’re probably longer that what you’d actually need but give you a lot of detail – I don’t have the marks back for either yet so I can’t guarantee anything in terms of quality). Just send me your email address and I’ll send it all to you 🙂

Interesting topic and lecture…. being the current condition of our work force.

Later i found out I hadn’t even flunked like I thought I would.

1/3 2/3 -3/3-

Politics: The difference between Left & Right, which seems so clear & distinct to poli active youth, are actually two faces of the same worthless coin.

In this vid, stating, a Dalit in a christain school sounds like an oxymoron.

This is so true.. people these days are so sensitive.. then they make up rules and reasons why they’re so defensive lol


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