@phatcorns the common enemy doesn’t have to be personal, it could be our environment and our very own destructive natures. I think such a society would emerge eventually

3:00 tell that to Donald Trump

I call it nostalgia-milking.

Thank you

The black guy with spectacles made the most sense

Next 40 weeks lol…I need to finish these before tomorrow xD

Omgggg life saver 💯💯

I love this so much. I love hearing other people’s stories about finding vitality, and I’m crying now because they give me so much hope for my future. Thank you.

What dread hand? And what dread feet?

Best lecture thanks Sir very helpful

Blar blar

Gráficos de little inferno

You make everything so clear to me but you speak so fast ahhhhhh its like my brains on overload


Respected sir, your channel is helping me a lot. THANK u sir, u make us understand in wonderful manner, like the way of your teaching.


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