The endless conflict continues to march into the vast darkness of space, battles rage across the cold void devastating planets, moons, and asteroids. Cosmic obliteration for a purpose long forgotten.

Very best lecture & very helpful for understand to HRM

Can you make a video on how to have a presence like trump?

“You have to be run by IDEAS, not hierarchy, the best ideas have to win”

Nothing more attractive than a smart woman who has a cool personality and doesn’t overly sexualize herself or put a ton of make up on her face. I just had that in my chest while going through this course.

Turkish: “He’s not English. He’s not Irish. He’s just pikey.”


Damn, the dude Charlamagne seems very ignorant and insecure. Martrin, actually seems like a very intelligent guy.

Company of Heroes


Turn on subtitles at 1:16 thank me later

I blame the british for all this social justice shit

I don’t think there is a second part anywhere, or if there ever was a second part. Searched youtube and their website 🙁

And thats how Wall-E was thought of

Dislike, just for the music. I’ve only seen 23 seconds and I already feel like crying and cutting my veins.

You guys should check out this EXTRAORDINARY website called You can make money online and start working from home today as I am! I am making over $3,000+ per month at! Visit and check it out! The military burn purchases the snow. Why does the cause pilot the smelly growth?

I am so grateful of this video. Not only did this helped me, it has helped my son as well. Explanation was so clear and concise. I just did an outline for 2 prompts in 5 minutes. This will help me pass my Praxis Test.

Ahhhh it hurts cause it’s true 😄

Why the f*** did it take you 4 minutes before you started the list?

Do you associate yourself with Lance, a cheater? Or will you try harder? Or will you complain?

This reminds me of “Talking heads” by Kieslowki, you gotta watch it guys!! Peace!



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