Trump doesn’t need a translator he just says it how it is lmao

What the heck are you talking about?

It’s people ARE “nothing but snobs.”

Sir 2nd yaer urdu exame paper ke hal ka tarika btiyen please thank you.

@1:17 “jounrneys”

Ta Fuck is this shit,

#6: Copy the Face.

Our natural process happens to be empathetic, and so should our society. Currently we idolize and dream, but do nothing really helpful for the future.

Please can you fill out this survey. It is for an app I’m making. Thanks.

Everyone is amazing

This is what I imagine it’s like before “get out” happens.

Every song he puts out is like a mf university degree

More information can be found at http://bit. ly/1CigPeR

ITALIC!??????? LATINO…….. POI ITALIANO l’italiano o italico è cominciato a nascere nel 1200-1300 con il volgare di Dante Alighieri!….. italico era il gergo con cui i greci chiamavano la magna Grecia…. Sicilia e Calabria. Dalla Calabria (ITALICA) poi tutta la penisola prese il nome ITALIA…. ma si parlava ancora greco, e manca la parte dell’antica Etruria (etruschi in toscana) e la lingua sarda età nuragica… ma per favore cosa avete studiato… andate a pelare le patate…. non inventatevi stronzate.


I’d love to see him analyze accents and conlangs in video games! The first to come to mind for me is Dovah from Skyrim.

This guy will most probably say my own London accent is wrong Lool

That was fucking amazing.

Stephen’s a very lucky Manic Depressive, I bet the other 4 million UK sufferers don’t get to live in Santa Monica for 6 months when they get down.

Hi liz, thank you for this lesson, but i want to ask something, can i use “to sight an example”?

Don’t like crowds

Why is this video getting so much attention? I understand the point that they’re trying to convey, but I feel like they’re making fun of people who get offended at some things. And, yes, I do agree that some people get overly offended, but this is overkill. Sometimes I get offended when people insult me or my community because it’s a normal fucking response. Once someone said to me that pansexuality is bullshit and I was pissed because that’s an insult to me and the community I’m in. Like goddamnit, I’m sorry I have emotions. Also, don’t leave replies to this comment calling me a feminazi or a man hater. And don’t put “TRIGGERED” as a reply. (Unless, of course, who want to be an annoying little bitch.) Anyways, what I’m trying to say here is that this video exaggerates way too much. IT ISN’T ACCURATE! I’ve never met a person who was this fucking offended at everything in my entire life.

I always thought in memo he said i got 20 chains on me they gon shoot ya like some deer..i guess it is really open to interpretation lol


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