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What about the language from arrival?

So I think you nailed when you said she is counting on the fact, that the media will move on to other topics, as they only have so much air time, but also a broad number of questions/topics they have to cover. Instead of moving on, they should just keep asking her a couple more times and then directly confront her with why she isn’t answering the questions. Is it because she can’t answer them, because she would have to admit that the administration is intentionally spreading lies and is discriminating against people of a certain belief/origin, or is it because she is too incompetent to understand the actual question she is being asked? Either way, she is a disgrace to the American government and has lost all her credibility. Personally, I don’t think giving her more interview opportunities and air time to enable her to have a platform to spread more falsehoods and to confuse people would be a constructive policy. It is Kellyanne Conman herself who invalidated her credibility with her persistence in deceiving everyone and at this point, if you look at all the facts and still don’t believe that the administration is intentionally spreading falsehoods to justify wrong decisions, incompetence and ill-intention, you just don’t want to face reality.

I found it interesting how everyone laughs when they say they’ll get polluted or they’ll pollute them…they obviously know there’s a problem but don’t know how to fix it. I hope the college students can find a safe alternative so no one gets hurt… But then again in this world that’s too much to ask for.


I seriously think that Uber should reconsider this game. It is a very ambitious project but i would certainly buy that… especialy since RTS genre starts to literaly DIE and many players get hungry for an rts.

Can I use in my igcse

I have been making a language for my imaginary creatures i have a good amount of words and a similar grammar to English (cralou kalo kaevle, kroli jega kali warga?) in other words (hello my friends, how are you doing?) (na tecra kalo kaevle)in other words (and goodbye my friends.) they also have a base six counting system so seven would be six one or di, tu and thirteen is di, di, tu or six six one, ten is di, ri or six four.

What about Super-heroes? Do they follow the same formula?

Actually there are a few things to remember that the video omits. Yea Sanders accent is a New York accent however it also has heavy traces of the Jewish American accent that draws heavily from eastern and Central European. Also Trump does have a heavy New York accent but it’s more from Queens. Yes as a New Yorker I do not place the “H” on words like Humans

5 tips to improve your writing


Oh my god your art is absolutely perfect! I’m in yr 11 and we actually only started our Gcse Art coursework in year 10 so we still have a lot to get through and we’re really behind! Just wanted to ask – for each media trial, for your final project, how much annotation did you do? And how did you annotate it? Thankyouu! 🙂

This was an Islamic revolution not an Iranian one. People of Iran wanted freedom but this is something the West does not want so they placed Khomeini in power and started the Iran/Iraq war to keep Khomeini in power and that was with help and financial aid of Jimmy Carter and UK.

Screw Iran full of Haters

-Government then steps in and helps regulate things by using taxes, and borrowing money

The research this is based on was proven to be incorrect, the homeland actually being the Pontic-Caspian steppe. Read David Anthony’s excellent book The Horse, Wheel and Language.

JACK im sorry i luv you but your an idiot JUST USE THE JUMP JACK JUMP!

So what I got from this is that. Trying to get to a million subs is normal because it’s absord but you might as well do it cause (you think) it makes you happy even though you know, it doesn’t mean shit.

One more excellent interview with Steve Jobs. He talks about working with other people. Team work and collaboration.

Easy to understand, thanks


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