That is really very useful Mam,

And thus, the feminazi was born because men are at fault for everything and they have to wipe them out. Now lemme go to see who’s knocking violently at my door saying “YOU NEED TO BE PURGED”.

I wonder whether Pokémon Go owes some of its success to intertextuality? The original 151 Pokémon characters are really iconic, and for those of us who grew up collecting them on the Game Boy, the prospect of being able to do the same thing again on our phones in the “real world” is rather irresistible. The recent 3DS games have also played with our nostalgia as part of their marketing strategy, by giving the classic Pokémon “mega evolutions” and new forms.

I think he was on the moon while giving this speech lol

That was amazing!

Very good introduction and you have great expression for information thank you

Who listening in 1782

Ue, musica brasileira no final?

Dagnabbit, I fucking love Nineteen Eighty Four with all of its quixotic ideas…

Lol muy good bro mye suscribt

Thats awesomeee!!! I loved it

This music has reached a new level of epic.

Stop looking at comments do your homework or you won’t get a potato

Forgot to mention how rick started praying

Soo, that would make Dexter an Act Utilitarian. If he’d only harvested organs to save lives!

SupCom f. e. had a cost of 11 mil..

Dude… your really confusing:(


The left thing through me off, I announciate the t, I didnt know that was a yankee thing..,

All your lessons are good, however I don’t agree with some of your tips, the passive voice is acceptable in some cases and shouldn’t be completely avoided.

I feel so relieved to find this video!

Can you please upload some more revision video’s please, thanks alot

Cool! this is what the world should be like! 🙂

Help, school is beating my butt!


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