I will buy a robot who will do my jobs and earn money…

Sick ACDC belt buckle bro

In 20 years swedish will be n1, for obvious reasons, finest sounding 😛

Is there a lesson here about welfare economics? Thanks. btw i loved your videos!


Anyone who does a lot of crafting and selling of items on the auction martets in most MMORPG’s understand the supple and demand system pretty well. Over saturation can drive down prices, under cutting can do so too. the more rare and difficult an item is to make and time ot make it, with a high demand for it, causes a rise in prices. For example, in the game Fallen earth, there are high end weapons that can take several hours to maybe a couple of days to craft because of all the parts needed to make them first. Also, most of the parts need to be collected first to be able to craft said parts. I would make say 10 of these specific weapons and sell them at a price that was just under what others were selling, but not so far off that it would allow others to still be a choice. Sometimes the weapons would be all sold, sometimes a few but not all would sell. Another thing that is also considered is time and materials used. A car in the game took nearly a week to make because of all the parts needed to make first. Because of the time and material consumption, as well as skill levels needed to create the parts and whole, very few would be made by anyone, so a price could be set by the crafter that they felt was reasonable for their time and effort and would be reasonable to a buyer.

Tomorrow is my test its 1 am and you saved my life!!!!! THANK YOU!

Omar, take on account that you can switch off of the internet before generating and printing you paper wallet.

Originally I hated Young Thug but I’ve grown respect for his beats and how well he can find a melody 👌…he ain’t no lyricist but he can for sure keep you on a vibe

I fxcking loved this

Any theories that do not seek to solve these problems, are just wasted banter in the end of it all

5. 1984 (1948) by George Orwell (Ah, Orwell. Yeah, this is still an iconic bit of 20th century dystopia.)

Look who’s talking.

Tony Robbins strings together more cliches than a country song.

Can food be art?

This is a really good animation. One of my favourite animation. I have also gave a like to this YouTube video/animation.

I don’t believe in anything anymore.

It’s amazing how Mr Chomsky’s can recall the breath of his knowledge and history. What’s equally impressive is how he can jump around in history so accurately and precise. Today need Google, algorithms, and analytics to find the stuff he is discussing without a prompters, cues, scripts or notes! Drop the mike Mr C.


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