He should make a video titled,

Sir explain of economics comparable and longly

He’s reading all of these quotes from the book “Adolescent Psychiatry” lol

I still can’t believe that someone would use such a corny and generic name as young thug. Harder to believe that people are seriously listening to this. Yung thug is potentially evidence that Black people actually are an inferior race. This guy being famous is actually a psyop… a test to see exactly how stupid society is.

I would help but I can’t I’m to young 🙁

Don’t make it like Spore my gawd… Graphics look a bit cartoonish but stylish. I wonder if they will get the weapon ranges accurate? Considering how tiny the planets look the sense of scale is way off. Will units also fight in space? I like the idea behind this game a lot but other than units reminiscent of TA and some borrowed gameplay concepts I don’t know if it will recapture my love of TA. I will have to wait and see. If this game has DRM I won’t even think of buying it.

Next topic: Avatar. Plz

It doesn’t matter if it’s assigned to be read. The fact remains that many teachers assign books to be read and then do not actually address the thoughts in the books or even test the students on the information. It is pointless in the confines of the course. As a teacher, I would never force my students to buy books that they would never need to actually pass my course. As a student…I have bought many books, which we have NEVER addressed in a course or even needed to take a test.

Crammers unite. we stand strong and numerous.

Anyone else see his AC-DC belt???

I hate growing up!

That false dichotomy between “fake news” versus “real news” was exposed long ago… its all fake news on the mainstream media side. Time to wake up side-playing sheeple…. your “news” and politics and world runs on money and serves only the interests of big money, NOT you.

The force is strong with this one

This woman is a linguist?? She’s as much an insult to the average American as sucker mouth. To state that most of us speak like that ignorant POS is infuriating. The turd speaks like his beloved undedicated supporters.

This video is 100% true!

your incredible smile makes me happy.


To be honest, a couple of those kickstarters were led by some shady people

Theoretically we live inside of infinity. If the universe is infinite then why are there finite things inside of it? How can limits exist inside of unlimited?

Thanks to you, I’m droppin’ mad literary references like nobody’s business

The human race must also have negative energy towards others who they do not see as part of their extended family. firs tit was the people over the hill, then others in other religions, then other states. now what you’re doing is saying let’s join all the energy together, but you’re not eliminating the negative energy that follows, you’re just directing it outwards, towards either god or whatever aliens are in the universe

Prescribing literature as Medicine, this is brilliant. I have been handing out books for a while now. Only 1 out of 10 actually read, but you can tell they are changed forever.



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