I like your videos, but you speak so fast. Make video 15 minutes (long enough)and speak at a normal speed, please.

It’s tougher on Dicaprio. In his case, he’s making an accent WITHIN an accent. That’s not the character’s natural accent, he only uses it for that one scene.

Sir mujhe movement and shift kb bnta h vo smjh nhi aa rha

I Liked It☺

“Macroeconomics in a week”

He’s so nervous i feel like this guy gets cucked

Excellent, listen to this really changed my mood… now.. let’s keep writing

I think this show is actually absurdity being used to hide meaning – that Rick uses absurdity to avoid meaning. Rick’s family does mean a lot to him, but he’s burying himself in humorous denial (and booze)… and it might actually be driving him insane now. But even in mad ramblings, symbols can have meaning…


This guy is awesome EPIC, Good explanation and taught me well

Indians are disgusting

And the the self made hierarchies of putting oneself as better then those that act prejudiced and we end up with a massive self aware feedback loop.

You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

Murder isn’t murder in all cases. That’s why there is manslaughter. The degree of the punishment for killing and cannibalism in that case should have been less than the norm but still significant to discourage such behavior even if there is some necessity that makes it appealing. Taking a person’s life is not moral but if it is of necessity it makes it a little more moral since three lives were saved but still they had to hold accountable for the death of the teenager. In such a situation, no one was to blame for their circumstances… however, three got to live and one died. The three that survived got the best outcome but they have to also pay for the person who didn’t make it. I would give 2 years in a personalized secluded jail with books of Emmanuel Kant for their entertainment. Give them a criminal record that will make them pay higher for their next future crimes if any. But also higher reward system if they do good once they are outside.

That was helpful

I wasted 2 years studying Trump to come up with the completely obvious conclusion.

Thanks sir g

So it sounds like the rolled R is easier to learn as a child than an adult? Any suggestion on how to learn to make the sound?

Hey, can I have the rest of your powerpoints? I really need to do some quick last minute revision before my exam.

Ther should b a death star uni lol


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