Sir ubhare not teaching well

I like these videos. Never took one Economics course. This is a good way to get information and it is entertaining (to me)!

This makes me think what have we done/become?


The start in Turkey shows an older thesis. The general idea now is that it started in the Pontic–Caspian steppe, on the other side of the Black Sea


Why 1K people Unliked the video?

Is it me? Or is this very accurate indeed.


If there’s an infinite number of people and an infinite number of rooms, than you dont need to move anyone…

Well there´s also czech ř, Ř if i am not mistaken there is no other language that use this. closest to this is polish rz but its still different.

Film warm digital stagnant

We need both. Otherwise we’re miserable

You may eventually succumb to any suffering you contribute to, this isnt karma, its science, youre dealing with living beings, they have a capacity for the same emotion… so if I kill your father, that doesnt mean Ill just mystically have bad luck and suffer, but what does happen is; as I choose to live, I may obtain a reputation for contributing to others suffering, causing others to seek justice, bringing about suffering upon myself… My point is, if there were no rules, people wouldnt be educated on what would cause others to hunt them down.


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