I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate.

Yes you feel great but wait til the money leaves your pocket and into his pocket.

Thought this was going to go into more of a philosophical/scientific approach. Rather its based off the facebook quotes. Dont complain, be negative, dont gossip, dont judge, etc…

Umh, why was the supreme court joke funny?

I was just searching for volunteer abroad Projects with animal conservation earlier in the year! The one I want to go is in Bali, conservation of sea turtles 🐢 and also a wildlife rehab project in South Africa. But I need to finish 3 years of my studies before I can take a gap year!

I loved this video.

A 40

I love Crash Course so much. This was the video I’ve waited my whole life to see.

Support this game, guys! It’s going to be amazing!

Obama stuttered like a “tard when his teleprompter went out.

That piece of shit would never be a family member of mine. Unique? Ok he’s unique in the fact that he’s the worst liar and has the fattest ego of anyone I have ever heard.

This game is pretty cool. Being a programmer myself this is no where near programming but I think programming should be this simple.

Yea, with all the scientific evidence that’s been discovered over the years that says we did not come from 2 humans a couple thousand years ago, I think you read something about “adam, eve” thing that the writer didn’t quite understand. Everything I’ve read says that there’s no such thing, and I read scientific articles and reports, but they did find a fossilized skeleton of a woman who was a distant ancestor and was given the name X but she wasn’t eve in any way shape or form.

This was very insightful and a good listen. The last sound was amazing in that it takes quite some effort it seems to produce it.

Hello im currently studying year 1 in the UK but i was wondering if the introductory micro is the same in uk and usa..

Hi, what do you mean by point to point to the left or right for AD AS and phillips curve?

I love you

He presented a wrong image of iran. i myself am an indian and i lived in iran for many years. Everything he expressed is not right.


All neighbourly joking aside, a very interesting and thought provoking conference. Did not hurt that he sprinkled some humor in it either 😉

This is the most exciting time to be alive. And there is NO excuse for not nurturing your creativity.


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