All the red alert games are awesome

6. Find the meter (timing and rhythm) (look for ||) Look up the different types and learn them, Iambic Pentameter etc.

Remember when he had 300k subs and actually played minecraft


Thankz it is very helpful

I do and continue to in my future relationships. I want to and. I am looking for therapy. What literature would you suggest to me?

Wake me up when the winning starts.

Student are easly capter write english

When you’re only 14 but already worrying about your future while others go out at midnight to go smoking and drinking.

Man when this game comes out i wil get 50 asteorid bases and destroy planets like hmm i cant get to this guy boom 10 asterorids destroy the entire solar sistem and can u destroy suns and cause the planets to lose its graviti

Even there may be a few number of languages,

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Make MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way love you lots.

An interesting thought is why women are more likely to choose poisoning as preferred method of murder/suicide. Poisoning is an indirect way of killing. It doesn’t involve physically touching a person in order for them to die, although the consequences in the end are the same. I won’t go too much into gender differences in crime and things like that, but… Why do people find it more moral to choose an indirect method of killing? (Such as pulling a lever, switch, or poisoning somebody) That’s a good question to bring up.

I’m 9

@jologsjoy — Well, to “give something a chance” is kind of an idiom, so this might be confusing, but if you substitute “bungee jumping” with “it,” it might be clearer to you: “We gave it a chance.” Or try this: “I gave him a chance.” The word “chance” is the direct object and “him” is the indirect object.

I have my hair dyed African American.


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