Kudos for the great efforts none the less.

It sucks

As true as it is sad that we were made like this

‘That is precisely the type of pedantic nonsense up with which I shall not put.’

Thanking you.

The question is whether the noun has a allomorph or a null allomorph as an afix. Then so far, every language in the World has gramatical cases shown or not shown.

And here before the corrected title

Este juego me encanta mucho me gustaria ver como estaria ya terminado

They discovered my bi-polar in jail atage 52. They couldn´t understand an old man in the middle of riots all the time. Lol

Pi is an infinite number, it is a never ending sequence of never repeating sequences, so basically you can find every combination of numbers that can ever exist, computers can interpretate numbers, sooo, that means that you can find any picture ever created or that can be created, or any song ever written or that can be written, or any game, etc… Everything is inside Pi O. o

Hi liz, is the introduction pattern the same for general training.

Currency is an obscene measure of real value. People are currently, and have always been, the only real currency of tangible value. To say that money controls elections is both correct and incorrect. The dollar isn’t what money represents. People are money and we have to buy into it in order for anything to function at all. Everything in life, and including life itself, is a pyramid scheme.

The best medication is intense exercise. Have you ever heard of a marathon runner attempting suicide after completing a 26.2 mile run? Why not? Because their brains are so flooded with endorphins they literally CANNOT feel depression or anxiety. Do you have to run a marathon to stop having God Awful depression and severe panic attacks? No, but when you can get up to running 1-3 miles per day consistently, at a fast pace, you’ll watch 90 percent of all your psychological problems evaporate. Don’t knock it until you try it. And btw, if you hate running, ask yourself which sounds better, a one hour run followed by a full day of happiness, or an entire day of apathy, misery, guilt, anxiety, depression and self loathing. LEARN TO EXERCISE.

How about athletes? Sportsmen?

What happened to Kermit’s black hand-moving things?


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