The guy who pronounced “zart” for your video…!!! 😂😂😂

But I think that we must remain positive at all costs. Even if there is absolutely NO potential, staying positive cannot harm anyone.

Mr Clifford! Come to Colombia to explain us!

Sir you got

Thanks alot

Fantastic! Thank you very much…

Micro Econ > Macro Econ

I’m just a guy waiting for the year a rapper will win a Noble Prize in literature.

Thanks a lot sir… Please upload other chapter’s videos of fm cs professional… Thanks for giving it free

THIS WORLD IS BEYOND FUCKED UP!!!! An asteroid needs to hit earth and exterminate everyone so that nature can start all over again.

What is the price of both macro and micro economics

All is vanity and vexation of the spirit

…i can’t believe all quiet on the western fron was not mentined!

I have to agree with everyone else here. To suggest “Trump speaks like everyone else” is condescending at best, and outrageously insulting in truth. The people who voted for him may speak like that, but that’s because they are uneducated, illiterate, and may even have stunted intellectual development from disadvantaged upbringings. For the majority of us (and yes, Clinton won about 3 million more votes), his speech patterns are stunningly childlike and hard to follow. I mean seriously, I literally have to watch a video of one of his sentences 2 or 3 times to figure out what he’s trying to say. It’s like listening to a 4 year old tell a story. “So I went to the store, and it was awesome, it was so huge, and I saw this lady, I like ladies, except mean ones, like Mrs. Henderson, but they have bananas at the store, they’re good too, but they come from another country, a lot of people don’t know that…” Do you really think that’s how normal people speak? Or are you trying to be diplomatic to prove you aren’t being “biased”? Trump is borderline retarded. That’s not a statement of bias. It’s fact.

Thank you very much

It definitely sounds better when you paraphrase the question, but for fucks sake complaining about someone answering your question seems really fucking stupid.

How to squat from :32

The Ultimate Review Packet really helps! Brief but enough. Plus the videos make it just great! Sending love from Malaysia!

I think what saddens me the most watching and listening to these students is, despite their academic excellence, they are lacking one fundamental component in providing greater reflection into thought, and that is – life experience.

This is how I learned my languages and no one wants to believes me.

If all the people in the world follow Buddhas path it will be heaven on earth


Lol at all the China apologists who are saying that Taiwan isn’t a country. We get it, you are all living with your heads up your asses.


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