Wish they showed him the Fargo accent

I enjoyed this video very much and for sure I’ll show it to my students. I know they’ll love it as well. Gracias 🙂

There will always be someone who has to controll the robots because when they’re better than the human they’ll maybe try to destroy us.

Thanks, i got C in English and i really want to step it up. Thanks for the good tips nigga

She’s being inappropriately nice with her words.

No, I will protect the Sequoia and the whales and I win, shit-heel.


Over simplified like fuck. But it’s not a bad generalisation.

At least he didn’t flip a turtle on its back

Honest: Learn to lie well, you may become a politician

She says u can use language like a brand and I’m sure that’s true but trumps way of speaking is more of a lack of vocabulary and a mind that cant concentrate for more than a min.

So is it weird that I cried when I saw LeVar Burton reading? It just hit me right in the childhood.

I don’t quite understand this.

My see if so can you help Good 🙂

I hope the world laughs for you

Whoa rigging of elections has bushes face. Crash course getting controversial.

On the MonteCarlo at the end…it seems very much like GIGO, you can’t get more information by creating data… it may give you an incorrect feeling of safety. It goes against the theory of information. It’s just noise. Just run the idea to any statistician. No wonder it looked like the Holy Grail…

5) 1984

Body paragraphs: transition

This is one of the best videos out there on the topic of Buddhism. All things said are true. One thing is use your picture more wisely as some of the animations would be considered disrespectful as lord Buddha cannot be represented in a photo of any person. It would be better to use the drawings found on websites. I am a Buddhist myself so i thought I could give you some feedback. Sorry if it’s 3 years late

If someone I love was eaten by some strangers in the sea that hardly proven to be ethical ppl, I would argue that the survivors could all lie. No one can prove that the eaten one was weakest, or sick or gave consent. The survivors are murderers at circumstance..the survivors owe their life to him and they must keep that in mind and contribute way extra to the society. The sacrifice must be recognized.


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