Love your vids. This one reminds me of another time I loved your vids.

Oh my God, I thought it lasted for 3 minutes. Quick, simple, easy. Thanks a lot.

That’s pure food for thought. Inspiring.

0:51 … WTF???!!!

Oh man thank you thank you I was so confused and I asked for my lecturer’s help and she’s like listen to lecture which I already had but wasn’t clear so ur awesome!!

Atlas Shrugged

This is some sad ass shit right here smfh


I’m gonna hang myself if the world ever gets to this point.


I need new glasses. I read this as Kellyanne Conway’s interview ticks, explained.

I find mr fry attractive shame he not into women

When a man is portrayed shirtless, huge, bulky, sweaty in a game it’s a male power fantasy. If a woman is half naked it’s sexist and harmful to woman… Yet Bayonetta is popular among women. Women like to cosplay and feel sexy.

Mine was 9-16, but i am 10, lol! I love these kinda things, keep up the good work!

Very informative

Finally I should state here the correct study of the human mind could be obtained from the deep teachings of the Buddha through


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