Thank you very much. Your tech help improve my English writing very much.

I think some of your analogies are a little off. Providing healthcare, safe food, safe roads so people can live and work is not enslavement by any means.

I made some coffee for you.

Rifkin is one more well funded globalist scum bag. Listen carefully to the ethicists – they have nothing but contempt for you cattle. . .

Tried listening to Freddie Mercury Couldn’t do it had to come back to the favourite. 😊

Thank you soon much, it’s really useful.

Ya dejenlo el solo iso una pregunta ya sea tonta o no pero hay gente que solo ve comentarios para insultar y no digan que yo tambien checo los comentarios solo que vi esa pregunta y le puse que si en plan buena gente pero veo que nadie de aqui tiene buenos modales y solo por que asen eso de insultar si ni siquiera el los insulto

Can you mail me this

Hahaha yeah charlamagnes being annoying but this dude Martin is a fuckin CHODE

Very belatedly, I’d recommend “A Darker Shade of Magic”. It’s the story of 4 Londons; White, Grey, Red, and Black London. Ever since Black London was closed off from the others, only Red is left with enough magic (White is starving and Grey is IRL London) there are only a few left who can traverse these worlds, and Kell is one of them, but what will happen when he finds an ancient, powerful artifact from the forgotten Black London? (It’s really well-written and will 100% make you cry, I promise)

Je travaille normalement dans le silence. Ce mix musical, cependant, représente pour moi un comfort et non une distraction.

This whole country is a big shithole, thank god that these ignorant Indians that come to the USA and even the highest caste are ALL Dalits here. They clean our toilets or run some shitty mini mart, my toilet smells better than most of them!

Scary as f*.

Im only here to spam comments

Why do I get the feeling this game will go from:”We have done such a good job” to “Crap on a cracker” really quickly Genny…

“What’s inside the box? I think it’s a turtle.” Pondering if this is at all relevant to all the current (mid 2017) boxes surrounding John.

In my high school in Denmark I was at an oral exam and had to explain the difference and uses between consequentialism, Utilitarism and deontology with focus on Bentham vs Kant and also I had a case on assisted suicide/death/help evaluated by a philosophical board in Denmark on a text where I had to apply the different ideas and theories. I got a grade equivelant to a B+… So it was alright.

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

Can I ask, what makes him a propagandist? I’m just curious because I read this word being used for all left-leaning minds in the USA. Is it because he doesn’t support the conduct of the US government that has made the USA the number one hated country in the world? How would you describe the pack of lies the US used to justify a war against Iraq? And before you use the Saddam argument, remember the US armed him to commit his worst chemical atrocities, the crimes he subsequently got hanged for

2 days till my Macro final. Let the playlist begin. 🙂


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