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So you’re telling me Tom Sawyer wasn’t even an honorable mention

It’s 5:03 in the morning and I’m understanding what he’s saying XD

To me, Emerson is regarded as one of the greatest due to his inspiration of many; like Thoreau and Whitman, but he also penned Self Reliance and pioneered American transcendentalism.

It’s a story.



I can not believe all the bullying in the comments! There is no “right” answer to this kind of questions. The lecturer is asking to engage the students in a typical philosophical debate and make them examine the logic behind what we call “common sense” and every student of them gave a quite good justification for her/ his choice.

#1: Listen A LOT!

Haha. btw, I thought the blackboard was going to say: “cellar door”. +^+^+

Thank you sister for this lesson

This is so helpful eve!!

This video started well, then went down hill fast and became annoying. The biggest con the government is applying to us all is falling prices are bad. If you understand the global monetary system you’ll know why. Government spending is NOT good for the economy. Governments must take money from the true economy and secondly two words: national debt. Thumbs down.

Well, now I have to go watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Soooooo many people missed the point of the video…


And you could sacrifice one of them knowing this patient is going to die anyway but could save 4 lives?, maybe some people would even volunteer to be the one that is euthanized.

The multiplier levels are broken

I hate BJP, and their brand of hindutva. But I absolutely adore Dr Swamy and his brand of Hindutva (which is also my brand of it), I wish that con-man fraud Arun Jaitley was replaced by Dr Swamy or even Modi himself by Dr Swamy.

Brother i love the way you teach now i can easily understand economics


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