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Stop studying and bow to beethoven’s greatness

I’m so excited for you!! And Ik that although the pressure of uni will slip slightly you’ll still stay on top of it and will reach your amazing potential❤❤

Thank you so much.

Your videos are fucking great

I cannot understand the reasoning behind NOT turning right and killing the one instead of the five. To me that’s a no brainer, I am always turning right! I would argue though that the act of pushing the fat guy onto the track is MORE moral than doing nothing. The difference between the” do I turn right and kill less people” and “do I push the man?” is about choice. The driver of the cart HAS to kill 5 or 1, he is always going to kill someone, so the choice is “do I kill less or more?” Which as I said is a no brainer, there is no logical argument for more! The man on the bridges choices are “do I kill no one or 1?”, this is why people have issue with pushing the fat guy, because if you do you are CHOOSING to kill someone. The fact that the choice saves four lives, to me, makes it a moral act because you had the COURAGE to make that difficult moral choice for the greater good. You could argue that you have acted imorally for the greater good. The thing about the act of murder that people feel no one has the right to effectively “play god”. Some may say that that is what you are doing if you turn right, however if you DONT turn right you are “playing god ” too because the second you realised there was the choice of turning right you are making a choice in NOT turning right and killing 5 so it boils down to logic,5 dead is worse than 1. Pushing the fat guy is CHOOSING to play god, but for the right reasons, so it is a classic example of the ends justifying the means!

Everyone here’s commenting about essays and stuff, and here I am actually writing fiction by choice because life.



Basic political tactics.

Pronouncing Requiem, Reqweem? What a fucking moron.

I included watching Emma´s YouTube Videos in my learning for the IELTS and found them very helpful. Thank you for sharing this! I received an overall band score of 8 and these lessons contributed to this outcome! 🙂

Amazing!!!! thank you very much:)

I’m forced to speak standard German. If I speak low German at work the people are not able to understand me.

Sometimes his voice is just like Markiplier, his laugh too.

Thanks this was very helpful, I am dreading my English exams 😩😂

It was completely impossible to stick everything into ten positions plus honorable mentions, but leaving out ‘Atlas Shrugged’, everything by Kafka or Camus and Daniel Keyes’ ‘Flowers for Algernon’ with Harry Potter STILL in the honourable mentions? Don’t get me wrong, Rowling is pretty awesome at times. But the aforementioned are waaay better.

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say AGAIN that you didn’t know.” – W. Wilberforce

“Speaking like ones family or friends”…Whose “family”? Whose “friends”? Not mine. And I doubt that this is an authentic persona. The persona appears to be chameleonic and alters to circumstance and context.


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