I have seen this video. I am very poor in listening so I listen again and again,

Obama was the best in my opinion

«Να είχα δώδεκα αγόρια κι τρία κορίτσια, να τα έσφαζα εδώ μπροστά σου, για μια ακόμη στιγμή μαζί σου».

But yea I would love to see you scratch your head on the rest of these.

Excellent video…. kudos to MBA I yr – Nehru College of Management Students. fascinating and fantastic. every must view this and post ur comment.

I feel so trapped these days in society, with PC liberals who’d rather get distracted by the nickel and dime shit while corporations raid what’s left of this nation’s future in my back, while facing the religious proto-fascists trying to take us back to the 1950’s, when women and minorities are oppressed in silence

If you can make me one

@justgivemethetruth Oh come on, it’s not that bad. At least it doesn’t fail at storing logins, like Chromes does. Just wish the Windows version would support the OSX font rendering instead of Cleartype, Apple font rendering looks much better.

I’m watching this and my mum walks in and says she has to got to the hospital because my nephew shoved a battery up his nose.

This is a cool looking game. It reminds me of when I had to write a few assembly programs dealing with registers and doing math operations. Those were the days seeing all the different outcomes different students got by making tiny mistakes in their code. 🙂

Using your phone at school leads to procrastination

Now I kind of want to see the video about learning how to draw

2 resourses: metal and energy..both will be generated per second via metalextractors or powergenerators..spending resources is rate based

Thats a quote


37:55 survival instincts kick-in. The law of the fittest works in this case

Fear porn, we the humans are gods creators, the agenda is finished the game over babylon is fallen. Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! times

Wow learned more here in a few minutes than i have studying all week with a College Economics Book that i paid more than a hundred dollars for… The irony…..

All these books sound awesome! Thank you!

If you’re genuinely being loving towards one another, his other talking points will follow by default. This is why Yahushua (Jesus) said to love one another as he loved us. Love won’t harm, lie, cheat, gossip, judge, blame, complain, nor compromise a relationship. The ways of men are vain and lead to death, but the way to life and love comes from the one person that most are doing their best to avoid, even those who claim to be looking for love.


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