But some great tips, thanks!

If there’s an infinite number of people and an infinite number of rooms, than you dont need to move anyone…

What, no a song of ice and fire?

And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss. (d)

Farweasel I’m not entirely sure you understood what I wrote. You seem to be responding to someone who argues that it is better to know than to do. It is better to have logic and to think than to have dexterity and to catch a rabbit. What I was doing was responding to


I love these guy😊

Left a lot out, I feel like this list is very American if you know what I mean

Lizzy–the Lord and I are happy that it helped you. Namaste.

What about the box with the o/ symbol

The eastern British company enslaved them later led by the khazars phallus worshippers

Next Obama will give them 1.6 billion to fight us.

Has Mr. Fry ever been in contact with the average Facebook user? The average teen overusing emoticons and abbreviations to the point it becomes sickening? The very reason we have a clear view of language is because these are the official guidelines. They help us gain a common ground.

Well i’m just listening to this because I feel like writing, but to everyone having to finish homework assignments, good luck 👌👍✌️

How did he get so many quotes from one book?

Oh, and the S before a P in the beginning of a word (or a root) should be pronunced /ʃ/, like the S in Sprachraum and Dachsprache

Programming… LIKE A BIOS!!!

Great video. amazing. maza a gaya.

When you cry to this it’s that type of cry which is painful but happy because someone said something about the problem. Prince EA no matter what people say, you’ll always be the shine of hope.


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