Massiveness… this is so fucking key

He is from unique high school

Chains of life have me tied,

FOREX Shifters

Viviana Montaño


Sounds good on paper, but if you haven’t already a good job, family or wealth, it doesn’t offer much guidance to reach and leave a normal life.


Do you want to learn a new language?

This guy is da real nigga

Its quite simple really, but its an important reminder nonetheless.

And sean sounds like gru from dispicable me

If gender is simply a performance then how does Ms. Butler explain transgendered people? If gender was just performance and had nothing to do with inner feelings and inner identity then trans people wouldn’t exist. Trans people aren’t performing (i. e. acting) the opposite gender. Trans people actually feel as if they should be the opposite gender. It is an inner feeling and identity that they are most often born with. It is not an act or performance. Transgenderism is not drag.

Welp, i know what presentation im doing my report on! This speech is simply wonderful!

Ugh 😑 3rd wave feminism

These guys were so deep!

Beautiful girl))


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