Nd 4 more which aint so fluent but good!!

To many filler words, too many ums, distracting hand gestures, no back bone

Your reflections are very welcome on this thought.

Ur used 2 hearing idiot politicians that say what theyre told 2 by their owners….trumps a free agent as bernie wouldve been if he wasnt trumped by super delegates…….

How about work cited page? How do you do that for this essay?

Funny thing is the song that made me so confused was even by an American, it was a Korean guy and in Korea, they pronounce their ‘R/L’s very differently, but he managed to get the American ‘R’ down perfectly while I still can’t.

I think this looks really good on paper, but then again so did communism. I don’t think it’s possible to unite everyone through empathy. Even if we all could become one big happy country, go walk down the street to the other side of your neighborhood and you will see differences between people’s lives. Just because we all become one country does not mean there isn’t going to be any conflicts and we will all become as he states “compassionate” and “affectionate”

TRIGGERED #**()(Q#@($@#($@#&%()!@$*)!@$

Trump is going to be the bestest president in the whole wide world, he has lots of money, and hes very smart hes not dumb like rest of you guys. trump 2016. lol did i mention he was building a wall? a really big wall!!!!

Nice mam….

…He hadn’t even finished coloring them 🙂

At ~3:05…”that we as citizens of a democracy…”

I suppose I see the overall point, however I find myself overwhelmed by the rapid-fire examples.

Retard Hindus deeply believe in Caste-system, Superstition, blind-faith, idol-worshiping.

Looking for an update on the student section on your website pls? I’m referring to the student resources located at – Thank you and these videos are great and super helpful!

All of these predictions are wrong for me.

Does that count?

Mu’meyvam DalaDlaHchugh bIquv


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