When I used Concession, my teacher said that why would you mention any other aspect when you are provided with the topic you want to concentrate on!

I never been to college….. I don’t think it’s that bad, is it?


. Week 2 3: simple pronoun, simple noun,

How do you know what is easy and what is not? Something may appear easy exactly because human brains are hard-wired for that. For example, any 2 y. o. can look at picture and tell whether it is a cat or a dog. Easy, right? Now, try to create a program (or an artificial neural networks) that will do this task reliably, and you will find out that is a very complex problem to solve.

If you wanna see some fucked up dr seuss shit watch the paraphinalia wagon scene in grinch night

Thanks alot

Huh, never knew i was a utilitarianist, thought i was just stupid to allways take one for the team, or psychotic to easily sacrefice one for the many. turns out, im the sane one!

All these atoms are not so different than we are,

What makes a villain?


Great lecture. Thank you!

And by joining the mob, like nerdwriter1 here does, all one does is create an atmosphere of bullying and moral outrage that is currently sweeping social media.

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What was the comment?!

I love drawing people and that is all i can really draw. People in my class would talk about me because i only draw people. My mum says that artists specialise in different things but it still annoys me. Is it wrong for me only to draw people?

This guy seems uncomfortable when chomsky criticizes advertising

Im driving to school listening to this, not studying

Thank you so much

I feel like i can really learn life lessons from these


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