I found this difficult to masturbate to. :/

Thank you sir….

U d best

Well, this is kinda like saying that the world is overpopulated, yet some people would think it would be morally wrong to force a generation not to breed even if that would improve the environment for everyone

I like The Settlers, Rise of Nations, Battle Realms, Any from C&C series, LOTR, Age of Empires series, Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon. actually any of Real Time Strategy game I came across. just came here to find another game to play. 😂

It’s amazing explanation. thanks to you both.

Althochdeutsch (old high german) = high german


The late Steve Jobs managed Apple as if it were a perpetual startup. He tasked out comprehensive responsibilities to excellently-qualified people upon whom he could depend, each with his or her given talents or inclinations. He would spend his days visiting and speaking with these plentiful key persons (and their respective teams) in open idea sessions, and then when quality ideas sprang forth, he would give the expert-in-charge the further responsibilities of bringing that idea to fruition. He constantly communicated directly with each and all of his key people. Instead of enormous, broad agenda meetings, Jobs chose instead to communicate directly (i. e., not through committees or an establish pyramidal hierarchy) and frequently with each of his key people and their teams. This promotes openness to new ideas, a shorter development-to-market cycle, rapid response time and less of the inefficiencies and the idea-stultification culture which permeates too many pyramidally-managed companies, where the best ideas usually don’t make it to the “top” and where internal politics take precedence [this is merely a function of Human Nature] over working at improving every aspect of the company. There is much to be learned from this brief video. In sum, manage your company, regardless of size, as much like a technological startup as you possibly can. Give all prolific idea producers direct access to the top, and to a rapid course to seeing their ideas turned into realities on a quick pivot. DC for GEI Consulting

The question begs to agree or disagree to the question therefore there is a big problem with the question it’s saying that it is!!!

Well, someone had to say it, TITS OR GTFO.

Liking Rabbits.

And this dudes the biggest fuckin culture vulture out there

If there’s an infinite number of people and an infinite number of rooms, than you dont need to move anyone…

Trumptards: “we can’t trust dem edjumacated folks! fuhrer trump was elected by GAWWWWWD!”

All the best

Give the poor bird a fuckin treat every now and then. ahaha

Need help. Teaching myself economics. Can someone define Comparative Advantage around min marker 6:00

5 are moderately injured, yet they’re going to die the same as the one severely injured? That seems incorrect to me… There’s too many factors at play to create the scenario. What kind of staff is around? What resources are available? Can you get the moderately injured to another place? Are they stuck, can you get the one severely injured to EMS?

I need a speaking partner my Skype I’d is C. akhil1234567890

No Kafka, Camus, Sartre, Céline, Brecht, Hesse, Cortázar, Llosa, Borges, Eliot, Grass, Beckett? Falkner in honorable mentions? WTF? The list should be called “top 10 best selling fiction books across USA’s villages”.


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